Friday, March 28, 2008

From MCT to DPE !!

I've just signed my contract to start working as a .NET Platform Developer Evangelist with Microsoft!! I'm really excited to be part of the Microsoft team here in Malta and some of the challenges that lie ahead are really great. It's a chance to interact in a deep way with some great people that work on the Microsoft products that I've used everyday and taught so many people how to use, plus the chance to get involved with a lot of the cutting edge technology that Microsoft are currently working on.

If ever you've heard the term above and wondered what exactly it's all about, here is a quick run down.

  • Engaging the broad community of Developers in Academia and the public and private sectors,
  • Driving excitement around Microsoft's software developer related technologies,
  • To interact through events, specialist training workshops, community engagement, relationship marketing and the growth of an exciting solutions portfolio.

More details to follow as I find out more about the role!!!


Supernaut said...

Congratulations Karl !!!!!! It seems that you will have tons of work from now on... :P

Jeff Wharton said...

Hey Karl,

Congrats buddy. Looking forward to celebrating with you at Tech-Ed Orlando