Monday, November 13, 2006

Every ending is a new beginning

Well they say every ending is always the start of some new beginning!!!

I'm leaving the first ever Tech-Ed Developers in Barcelona and I'm starting this blog on the plane after heading out of BCN an the way to Milan. My plane is 40 minutes late and my connection to Malta is only 1hr. But I still have to collect my boarding pass! Tight, considering I know I have to run from terminal A to terminal B and go through security!!

The conference organisation was amazing, from Ronald organising the Hands-on-labs and the ask the experts, to the guys on the harware and software at F1 who keep the labs running smooth as silk!! I must admit I was not expecting to see 4000 delegates but with the organisation you wouldn't have known.

So, with such a great conference over, after having met so many great guys and girls from every corner of the planet, I'm starting my blog with a BANG!! With Peter Gabriel playing in the background, keeping me on that high, it's a whole new beginning. You can expect a Maltese user group for buisness solutions software development to be set up very shortly. I mean very shortly!! And it's going to be the place to check back to for all you need to know on software development using Microsoft products.