Saturday, November 24, 2007

VS 2008 - Getting Started (Mult-targeting)

So, first things first!! I downloaded the RTM of VS 2008 Profssional iso, burnt it to a DVD and installed. No problems so far on my Vista Desktop :)

So for the next few weeks I'll show you what's new and why you can get onto this new product as soon as possible. I've seen a great session by Daniel Moth at TechEd Developers two weeks ago and so I will be using his tour tips in this series too. I'm telling you if you get a chance to go to any of his sessions, GO! He packs 150mins in 75 mins and sometimes you have to play it back again at half speed :)

So for this first session whats new?!

Firstly Multi-Targeting. What this basically does is allow you to say, hmmm this solution will be based on .NET Framework 2.0, or 3.0 or 3.5. THen what happens is the IDE removes all features not related to the selected target .NET framework. So if you chose 2.0, all the WPF stuff goes away. So perhaps you start with 3.0, and after a time, having used some 3.0 stuff by accident :) you flip back to 2.0? Well the IDE will flag all the 3.0 stuff that will no longer work!! Cool!!!

So this is most definitely the first most important thing you will see, and also a great selling point for you to ask your boss to upgrade and possibly not use VS2005 any more. Since you can still target those apps selectively and work on other projects for 3.5 all with the same great tool.

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