Tuesday, November 6, 2007

TechEd - Day 2 (part 2)

I think I've been swagged!!! I was walking through the Community Area when one the the NxtGenUG guys grabs me and say wanna take part in a little quiz show... Swaggidy Swag. I'm like...OK and I sat down in the hot seat!! So the rules are like this. The presenter asks you a question and you have to think of an answer. In the meantime the judges, made up from other TechEd Attendees and Speaker Idol Judges write down what they think you are going to say. If they match you get points. Simple right? Well After 3 rounds, we had only got one point each. Just to give you a sample of the questions..

Visual Studio is good for Developers... Mac is good for Designers... Linux is good for...
Dave has a very large Laptop bag, the other day he pull a .... out of it.

As you can see the questions leave a lot of scope for imagination!!! The winning question for me was: The IT world needs more.... And I said SUPERMODELS!!! Luckly two/three of the judges were on my wavelength.

So what did I win... a bag full of goodies like an Apress book on WF, Virtual Earth Mug, T-Shirts and....... an HTC Touch Smart Phone.

It took me about 2 hours to figure out how to use it, since I never owned a smartphone before, but I do now have an excellent PDA Trainer... Caio Proiete - The PDA Expert. It wasn't long before he showed me the Wifi, Skype on the phone, Touch-Flo....cool.

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