Saturday, June 30, 2007

Triple/dual booting with Vista and Linux

I just got a 160GB SATA HDD for my Compaq nc8430 and of course I want to run all three OS's
Windows XP to get work done,
Vista to mess about and show off for now,
Linux to just play around.

Now some distros of Linux allow you to install the GRUB bootloader on the actual partition of the installation. This is great because:
1. Vista has already taken over the MBR and thus installin this after linux will render linux unbootable.
2. I know how to BCEdit better than I do GRUB :)

Luckily I found these guides which are idiot proof and so well documented.
The definitive dual-booting guide: Linux, Vista and XP step-by-step
But most especially this one:
How to dual-boot Vista with Linux (Linux is already installed)
Now although I put XP on first then Vista and then Fedora 7 I did put the GRUB on the Linux partition and so this is my set up :)

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