Thursday, June 14, 2007

Can't upgrade/install SQL 2005 Express Workstation tools

If you are like me, you installed VS2005 and forgot to tell it not to install SQL Express, because you just knew that later you were going to install SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition. Now I managed to install SP2 for Express and all was OK until the day I decided to install SQL 2005 Dev Edition. I get a little error saying version warning but ignored it, only to find out that it will install all the goddies except the most important one, SQL Management Studio. Ahhhhh, so the whole install goes through and I now have tow SQL Servers but no management tools!!! Now I know you are saying, ' why don't you use the osql?' Yeah it's great, but somethings are just easier with the GUI, I want THAT GUI!!! So I read the warning message again, and googled to find Upgrade a SQL Server Express Report Server to Other SQL Server Editions Well now it's easy. I didn't want to upgrade the whole of SQL Express, just the workstation components. So I launched the setup of the just the tools, not the server with the switch mentioned.


Now I can tick on the workstation components .... and all's well :)

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