Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Remote Desktop Troubleshooting - Don't forget the obvious!!

Just had a another problem reported... For some reason a remote desktop had suddenly stopped allowing incoming connections at one of my clients. After checking around I found that the firewall had disallowed RDP on the exceptions tab. Now we all know that allowing RDP when you right click My Computer and go properties... remote... will automatically allow an excpetion in the firewall by default. So guess what, initially I did not think of checking that. It was only after I started pinging the machines that it dawned on me to check the firewall (and also thanks to this brillaint guide on the MS site!)

I can only guess, after speaking to the admin on site that after he applied a recent update to the Remote Desktop client, it got turned off but never back on. Now he did then mention that the update had hung and he canceled the update!!! Make sense?... perhaps :)

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